Tigergarh Wildlife Luxury Resort

Tigergarh is a luxurious boutique hotel with a character that will grow on you as you spend tranquil moments there. Serenity, peace and cool comforts are hallmark of this accommodation. Fringed by an emerald expanse of forested hills, bordered by golden farmlands, it is the right balance between tiger-country and the rustic village life.

“Along with providing a luxurious experience in the midst of abundant natural beauty and heritage, SUSTENANCE or a “responsible footprint” is our dictum at Tigergarh.” We wish to orchestrate nature and not mutilate or manipulate it. In keeping mind the principles of sustenance, we have adopted the practices which encompass:

> Recycle and Reuse: a wall of used beer-bottles has been created in our dining area, symbolizing the reuse for waste and old tyres have been used for planting flowers. Recycled wood has been used for making many furniture items.

> Waste Management: Separate pits have been made for wet waste and dry waste. The food waste is converted to manure and used for the plants in the resort.

> Organic Existence: We use 100% organic and bio-degradable soaps in our rooms. The same waste water reused for our plants, reducing water wastage and pollution. We try to use home grown organic vegetables in our kitchen whenever possible.

> Social Responsibility:Local human resources have been trained and hired to work at the resort to contribute to the increase in employment in the local area. Programs like "Be the Villager" are run where interested guests spend time with the villagers, actually taking part in their daily chores and in return helping them monetarily.

> Education: A library of wildlife and nature related books is being accumulated which will be used by the local guides and drivers to enhance their knowledge. We also run an outreach program called "Why Save the Tiger-Let’s Save Ourselves" is being conducted in local schools, institutions and directly to village folk.

Tigergarh beckons you to experience wilderness at close quarters - the howl of the jackal, sawing of the leopard, alarm calls of the deer and the melodious chirping of birds – all from the environs of the resort itself. Enjoy the thrill of wild jungle safari with mesmerizing tiger sightings that we successfully organize for our guests.

-Gagan Gahlot